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Transport is our every-day job, just leave your goods in our hands.


Transport good around Europe. Find the best option based on your request, price and time of delivery.

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We offer a range of logistics services


Do you need a help with internal processes in your company?

Kudes puh

Odaberite iz ponude naših objevljenih izdanja

With experience in shipping goods, our services provide transport of tons of goods from Croatia, Italy, Germany, Hungary, France, Serbia, Bosnia and other countries across Europe.

Our logistics help in connecting and maintaining established companies.

We change the way companies and entrepreneurs think and process their thoughts.

Our books offer a new way of viewing our local spirit.

Kudes puh

Knjige iz naše biblioteke Kudes puh = (essekerski) Dobra knjiga

Život na Gradskom vrtu

(Osobna) povijest NK Osijeka i stadiona u Gradskom vrtu.

Kreativne karte

Potaknite svoju kreativnost!

Tempo, Slavija!

Povijest SK Slavije – prethodnika NK Osijeka


Transport in a new era

With a big advance in technology, logistic and transport sector is stepping into a new era. Now, the most used freight transport in Europe is trucking. About 75% of inland freight transport is done by Read more…

Transport Osijek

Locirani smo u Osijeku, naše usluge uključuju organizaciju prijevoza iz bilo kojeg dijela Hrvatske u bilo koju zemlju Europe. Također iz bilo koje zemlje Europe u Hrvatsku. Doloco d.o.o. je tvrtka nastala kao spoj dugogodišnjeg Read more…


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